What We Do

Keenview is an advisory and implementation group that works on behalf of CEO’s and business owners to help them implement AI and automation in their businesses. All of our advisors are experienced entrepreneurs that have built and sold at least one company and understand the challenges you face as a CEO. We deliver value to you in three ways:
Discover, Evaluate, Integrate


Every month, our dedicated team evaluates hundreds of resources, platforms and AI-driven tools, so you don’t have to. We gather information from professional groups, developers, peers and trade groups across a variety of vertical market sectors. We also closely monitor effectiveness of existing applications being used by our commercial clients, ensuring our best-in-class recommendations truly add value to your business.


When we find new tools and resources that might be useful to our clients, we thoroughly vet their effectiveness. This evaluation process involves real life testing to ensure that each AI or automation solution we recommend to our clients is highly impactful to their businesses.


We start our process with a complimentary audit to understand which specific tools and resources would be most effective for your organization. Our team of experts then help implement those solutions and create key performance indicators to track their effectiveness. KeenView also recommends new tools and applications as they become available over time, keeping you ahead of the curve.